The Graph Crypto News

The Graph Crypto News

The Graph is an indexing protocol that is used to search and query data from various blockchain networks. It provides developers with a scalable and efficient way to access blockchain data and build decentralized applications. The Graph has been gaining popularity in the crypto community, and there have been some recent developments and news surrounding the project.

The Graph Raises $12 Million in Funding

The Graph Funding

In February 2021, The Graph announced that it had raised $12 million in a funding round led by Framework Ventures and ParaFi Capital. The funds will be used to further develop and expand the protocol, as well as to support the community of developers building on The Graph.

The Graph has already seen significant growth in usage, with over 10,000 subgraphs deployed on the network and more than 10 billion monthly queries. The funding will help to accelerate this growth and make The Graph even more accessible and useful for developers.

The Graph Launches Mainnet

The Graph Mainnet

In December 2020, The Graph launched its mainnet, which allows developers to deploy and query subgraphs on the Ethereum network. The mainnet launch was a significant milestone for The Graph and marked the transition from a testnet to a fully functional protocol.

Since the launch, The Graph has continued to add new features and improvements to the protocol, such as support for IPFS and new query capabilities. The mainnet launch has also led to increased adoption and usage of The Graph by developers and projects building on Ethereum.

The Graph Integrates with Chainlink

The Graph Chainlink

In February 2021, The Graph announced a partnership with Chainlink, a leading decentralized oracle network. The partnership will enable developers to use Chainlink's price feeds and other data sources in their subgraphs on The Graph.

This integration will provide developers with more reliable and accurate data for their applications, as well as make it easier to build decentralized finance (DeFi) applications that depend on real-time market data. The partnership between The Graph and Chainlink is expected to further drive adoption and usage of both protocols.

The Graph Launches Indexer DAO

The Graph Indexer Dao

In March 2021, The Graph announced the launch of the Indexer DAO, a community-led organization that will govern the protocol and its development. The Indexer DAO will be responsible for managing The Graph's treasury, making decisions about protocol upgrades, and ensuring the long-term sustainability of the project.

The launch of the Indexer DAO is a significant step towards decentralizing the governance of The Graph and giving control of the protocol to its community of users and developers. The DAO will also provide opportunities for community members to participate in the decision-making process and earn rewards for contributing to the protocol.

The Future of The Graph

The Graph Future

The Graph has already established itself as a critical infrastructure for decentralized applications and is likely to continue growing in importance as the blockchain ecosystem expands. The recent funding round, mainnet launch, and partnerships with Chainlink and others have all contributed to the project's success and momentum.

In the future, The Graph is expected to continue adding new features and capabilities to the protocol, such as support for additional blockchain networks and data sources. The Indexer DAO will also play a crucial role in shaping the future direction of the project and ensuring its continued success.

If you are a developer interested in building on The Graph, or simply curious about the project and its potential, there has never been a better time to get involved.

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